About the property

ID: 821
City: Riga
District: Jugla
Floor: 3
Floors: 5
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 1
Building type: Brick
Series: Khrushchev project
Area: 30 m2

This property is a good opportunity for both living and investment. A small investment in the transformation of this flat, will allow you to create a cosy place of your own choice.

  • Land in ownership, low utility bills, which will have a pleasant effect on your budget;
  • Decent neighbours - peace and quiet in the house;
  • Windows face east, in a quiet, green courtyard - your flat will always be illuminated by pleasant morning sun rays;
  • Good noise isolation;
  • All the pipes have been replaced;
  • Levelled floors throughout the flat;
  • Replaced electrical wiring;
  • Walls are levelled and ready for painting.

Gruglosotnoy Fitness Centre - you can take care of your figure at any time of the day. 
In walking distance to pharmacies, medical centre VCA - to maintain your health. 
Cafe "McDonalds", restaurants "Verdana", "NOK NOK Restbar" - an opportunity to invite guests and spend time for a delicious dinner or lunch. 
Many different shops just a few steps away from your home, making shopping easy and affordable.
Secure car parks - your private, safe place for your car. 
Nearby public transport stops that will help you get to Alpha within 10 minutes and to the centre within 20 minutes. 

Acquisition of this flat is a profitable investment and a guarantee of 7-10% profit per year.

Feel free to call for more information. I will be happy to answer all interesting questions and we will agree on the inspection of the apartment at the most convenient time.

27000 € ( 900 €/m2)


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