About the property

ID: 712
City: Riga
District: Ķengarags
Floor: 3
Floors: 5
Rooms: 2
Building type: Panel house
Series: LT project
Area: 45 m2

5 main advantages of this apartment

1. The apartment has just been renovated

repair with all nuances and subtleties - quality materials were used. This advantage will allow you not to worry about the condition of the apartment for many years.

  •  Completely replaced all communications,
  •  Built-in wardrobes will be finished in the room and corridor,
  •  Leveled walls and ceilings,
  •  The floors are filled with concrete mortar,
  •  Installed plastic from the German profile of SCHUCO,
  •  Magnetic doors in the entire apartment.

All you have to do is complement the interior design with furniture and decor to your taste and fill the apartment with comfort.

In the conditions of rising prices for repair work and a lengthy process, this is the most profitable purchase.

2. Compactness, practicality and economy

  •  In planning, the main priority is given to comfort, reliability and convenience,
  •  Two isolated rooms, so that each member of the family had their own personal space,
  •  Spacious kitchen - enough space for equipment with all the necessary equipment,
  •  The corridor has been remodeled, which makes this room more functional,

3. The land is owned. It serves the "Višķu 5B" cottage - low annual tax and moderate utility bills even in the coldest months - which will have a positive effect on your family budget.

4. Parking spaces in the yard by permission - there will always be a place to put the car.

Clean, tidy entrance - You will not be awkward in bringing guests and it will be pleasant to get home.

5. You appreciate the location of the house and the infrastructure around it.

  •  The house is located far from the road - excess noise will not bother you.
  •  Children's gardens and schools are within walking distance, you can reach them without crossing dangerous roads - safety for your children.
  •   Zoom, Acropole - it's convenient and fast to buy the goods you need.
  •  Public transport with good communication, 15 minutes drive to the city center.
  •  A new park has opened and near the house - active rest for the whole family will have a beneficial effect on your health and the health of your children.

To personally evaluate all the advantages of this offer, feel free to call. I will answer all your questions and show you the apartment at a convenient time for you.

57000 € ( 1267 €/m2)


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